Something different....maybe

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Something different....maybe

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Hi there guys,
I am new on this forum so don't be mad at me if this suggestion has already been made.
I come from the game hacking /translation scene and we have a big problem there that is the lack of japanese translators.
I wonder how the situation is in the fansubs scene.
Do you think that there is a chance of a collaboration between fansubs and translation scene??
Has this already been already tried??
Is there some groups around that maybe is searching contact to the translation scene or has already worked with it on the past??

Just to be a bit more concrete about how this collaboration, the translation scene would provide the text/graphics to translate in a simple format (as in txt or jpg), would take care of all technical aspects of the game, you would only translate (and insert if that is not too difficult and you have time / people to spare).
Just to make an example because they are laying around my pc, here some pics and text from the story in the form you would get it:

To get a completed translated game like the bottom screen here:

And HERE the beginning of the text in SJIS format.
(I had to make it as download file because if i paste it in here, i would give me an SQL error)

Well, what you think?? Let me know. Thanks
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