Our Subtitles and Styles

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Our Subtitles and Styles

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Our style of subtitling is the way we have been fansubbing since 1992.
Notes on our fansubbing style:

Main Dialog - We use Yellow subtitles (Even professionals do - Sentai, Viz, etc)
Thoughts - White subtitles
Radio Calls/Echoing Meomories/Extra Dialog - Cyan

One space in between "!"/"?" and dialog - We do this for a reason. The Exclamation point can sometimes blend in with a piece of dialog. To solve this we use a space. To make it uniform we do this with question marks as well. Not needed with a period - don't even bring that up.

We don't use -san/-chan/-kun/-sama etc. One of the most ridiculous uses we've seen is "Father-sama" when "Oto-sama" is used. Those are unneeded honorifics that mean nothing in English when added to a sentence. We do, however, sometimes translate the meaning that is being conveyed. So we might use Mr., Miss, Mrs., Little, etc. One time we actually used an honorific was in Kimagure Orange Road. Kasuga used "-kun" when talking to Ayukawa when he self-hypnotized himself. She was surprised and answered "kun?". Actually needed in that case. Folks who actually watch Japanese animation have, for the most part, come to know what the honorifics are and don't need them or an explanation.

We try not to over-westernize the dialog.