Classic series from the 1970's
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It says that the movie came out in 09 but never heard of it.. what is it about?
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Re: Resurrection?

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Old post, so you probably already got your answer but for anyone else:

Earth is in danger from an approaching black hole, so the population is being evacuated to a distant world Amare. The emigration fleet is attacked by an unknown enemy known as the SUS, which is an alliance of several worlds. Yuki was the captain of one of the defense ships, and is presumed lost after her ship attempted to warp away from the battle. Kodai is captain of a cargo ship, but is asked to take a rebuilt Yamato to escort the next emigration fleet to Amare.

Resurrection was part one. Nishizaki died before part two could be made.

My personal opinion is that the computer animation was pretty bad, and the music and sound effects were out of place. I really don't mind that they never finished it. It just felt off for a Yamato movie.

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