Official Thank You Thread

Classic series from the 1970's
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Official Thank You Thread

Post by Heibi2 »

If you wish to thank us for the series please do so in this thread.

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Re: Official Thank You Thread

Post by bigfire »

Let me be the first then to say "Thank YOU!!!!!!!!". I found these subtitled versions, and it's been incredibly fun watching the series again and seeing all the bits and pieces I missed in the english version. Yamato is far and away my favorite anime, and this is the best way to watch it.

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Re: Official Thank You Thread

Post by lumfan »

I still need to get the 2nd season of Space Battleship Yamato. But I thank you for the original tv series. Its so much better in Japanese than its dubbed counterpart

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Re: Official Thank You Thread

Post by bill78 »

Yes my dream has come true Space Battleship Yamato in Japanese with very decent subtitles

AV quality almost looks as good as an official release (which will never happen)

Eternal thanks to heibi and, the name for quality fan subbing projects in my opinion

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Re: Official Thank You Thread

Post by YF19EX »

As a follower of you guys since the 90s and supplying many subbed shows to my college Anime club of that era, I am greatful to you for subbing Yamato 2202.

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Re: Official Thank You Thread

Post by Graugeist »

Thank you for putting together the English subtitles. I love this series and when I learned that Bandai was not going to be releasing English subtitles with 2202, I was devastated. I did eventually break down and order the first Blu-ray, but I didn't realize how much I had missed (especially in the second episode) by not knowing the conversation that was taking place! Because I was able to get the English subtitles here, I went ahead and ordered the second Blu-ray with episodes 3-6. I look forward to seeing the English subs for those as well.


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Re: Official Thank You Thread

Post by Habeas »

Thanks again for your hard work and also for sharing!

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Re: Official Thank You Thread

Post by Yalanta »

I just registered and I want to thank you for all the work you do.

Sorry if my english is not so good but it's not my first language.

Thanks again!

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