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(An)other Suggestion(s)

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I hope I am not being a bother, but I have come again with suggestions. This time they are anime too! :D
1) Mister Ajikko
This wonderful father of all cooking anime and even the tv show Iron Chef, needs a lot of TLC. Even though the anime has strictly speaking subbing, I don't think anybody would object to the description abysmal for the quality of it. The subtitles for this anime are srt files, and I do have all the episodes. Which means if needed I can provide the anime.
2) Attack No. 1
This anime is one of the first sports anime if not the first one if I am not mistaken. Due to its age probably, it has never been subbed into English.
3) Ace wo Nerae!
Also an old sports anime. Nobody ever touched it until now.
4) Kindaichi
I love good detective mysteries, I am almost a rabid fan of Detective Conan. That said, Kindaichi is just as good. Though, it is like comparing apples and oranges. They are both fruits and I love them both but to compare them is not exactly fair, as they are in different categories.

So these are my suggestions. If you are old enough, you might remember the days of the black board and chalk in class rooms. Despite the fact that the subs are like nails scratching on a black board, I still watch Mister Ajikko because it really is a good and very enjoyable anime in my opinion. The subs really make me wanna gauge my eyes out but at least there are subs. So I endure them.
I like sports anime genre. And both Attack No. 1 and Ace wo Nerae are anime I always wanted to see. Especially because the protagonist is a female. Apart from Yawara (which I hate from the bottom of my heart, I admit.) and Bamboo Blade there are not many other sports anime around in which the MC is female. So I really really would like to watch them.
And Kindaichi. I honestly do not know why this anime didn't receive any love from fansubbers. While Detective Conan was lucky enough to find dedicated fansubbers; Kindaichi was not that fortunate. There are only a few episodes left on the web translated, and I am happy that I got to watch at least the 3 I could find and download but no Fansubbers stuck to Kindaichi and the anime was soon dropped.

These anime are old, and I fear that they are not ever going to get subbed. So even at the risk of being annoying, I thought I could at least make the suggestion, and leave it unto your discretion and possibilities.
Thanks and best regards
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