Suggestion: Musashi no Ken

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Suggestion: Musashi no Ken

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Hi everyone... Thank you for all your hard work. I absolutely love all of your releases. I know you all have a lot on your plate but I am writing because I wondered if your group would be interested in picking up the anime Musashi no Ken. I actually heard about this anime from a reviewer at Anime News Network. It seemed really interesting. I have the ARR version but as you can expect, the translation is horrible. I watched a little of the first episode and thought this was right up your alley. I have all the episodes and could post them if your interested. The quality is so-so but i think people won't mind as long as the translation is fine. So what do you think? :D

Here is a brief summary (with ANN link):

(From MangaUpdates) - This is a great old school classic about a young boy raised from even before birth to become the greatest Kendo champpion in all of Japan. With a martial arts expert for a father and a mother with an enthusiasm streak you’ve rarely seen – their son Musashi is born to be super strong, fast, and trains harder than anyone – so how can he not become a champion?

Musashi no Ken received the 1984 Shogakukan Manga Award for shounen manga.

Article from ANN discussing the anime: Link

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Re: Suggestion: Musashi no Ken

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I'm about to start on H2, so this will have to stay in the wish list for consideration at a much later time.

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