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The Short Story

A long time ago, about 1992. In a galaxy far far away, Kansas. The future Heibi arrived via the Air Force.
A large deficit of anime forced him to rely on the the dreaded distros. Eventually it became too much and
he uttered the immortal words, "What is this F***ing shit ?!" Yes, what is this f***ing shit. This was the
humble beginning of Central Anime. The bad timing, awful fonts, missing lines, editorial comments etc, etc,
were finally too much. Heibi decided, "How hard can this really be ?" Along with his evil net minion,"Bob," he
started to get together the elements needed to start subtitling. Many years and many projects later, Central
Anime shows no signs of slowing down, and is always striving to do better.

Who, What, When,Where

First the name, Central Anime. Well we are located in the state of Kansas. More specifically Wichita, the largest
city in Kansas. Kansas is the rectangular state in the middle of the U.S., with a bite out of the upper right corner.
Middle, center, central, get it ?

How do I download these episodes ?

To download the episodes you will need the program called Bittorrent. All you need to do is perform a search for
Bittorrent, or you could go to our Links, page where we have several sites to pick from.

What is Bittorrent ?

Bittorrent is a type of file sharing program. It used to be when you wanted a file you would go to the site
and start your download. If others are trying to get the same thing, the download speed suffers and some sites
crash. And if for some reason you get disconnected you have to go back to the site and start all over again.
Bittorrent is different. When you start a download you connect to "peers." Instead of trying to download the
complete file from one place, you jump from one computer to another getting "bits." While you're copying bits
from someone else's computer, people are coming to your computer and getting the bits you have. And if for
some reason you get disconnected, when you go back, Bittorrent starts from where you left off instead of starting
all over again. For a better, and more comprehensive explanation, you should go to the
Links page and select an Official Bittorrent page to learn more.

How do I play these episodes ?

You should be able to play these shows with any media player that plays XviD, MP4 or MKV.
We prefer VLC or Media Player Classic. There are quite a few out there. Our
Links page has the necessary links to get them.

Why don't you announce your newest releases on your web page ?

The guys are putting the shows up on Nyaatorrents so quickly that I would have to update the page every day, or more. To find out about our most current releases just go to Nyaatorrents. Our
Links page has the necessary links to get them. 

You have shows ?

Yes every Saturday. We usually start around 2pm and go to around midnight. The shows are at Heibi's Residence.
Heibi has a wide screen on the first floor, and another with surround sound downstairs. In addition to the
fansubs we've done, we watch fansubs from other groups.

Can I attend ?

Of course. Everybody is welcome. For directions head over to the forums page. Heibi is usually lurking around.

How much does it cost ?

Our shows are free. Everybody is welcome to donate.

Can I help ?

Like we said the shows are free but our scripts aren't. If you want to donate to keep the shows coming, we won't refuse.