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Postby Heibi2 » December 14th, 2011, 1:07 am

1. Be respectful of others.
2. Don't start a flame war.
3. Don't ask for licensed material.
4. Don't ask for scripts.
5. Don't ask for raws.
6. Use decent User names. Don't use sexual or drug-like user names. I will assume you are a spammer and ban you, your e-mail and your IP.
7. When you sign up you probably want to post something. Otherwise, unless I know you, I'll consider you a potential spammer and delete your account. There were too many bogus accounts on the last board.
9. If you keep getting Force Reactivated it probably means you didn't read Rule #7.
10. Signing up and having a advertisement-like website will get you banned.
11. If you sign up and you're from an IP in Russia, Ukraine or China expect to be deleted and banned - Especially if you don't follow Rule 7.
12. If your e-mail address is just random characters like "lkjllkjllklj" with a set of numbers expect to get banned. They're usually related to rule 11.
13. If you have a business link - non-anime related - don't put it in your profile please. I suspect anyone doing this to be a spammer. This is an anime board after all.
14. I can look at your IP and it tells me where you came in from. If your IP says you are posting from Russia(example) and you say you're in New York - spammer. Probably a bot that is randomly filling in profile details.
15. Posting links or write-ups about shoes, sports clothing or go.away.spammer:P I will ban you.
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